Wyld Blu: 2019 Blues Artist of The Year

WYLD BLU: 2019 Blues Artist of The Year

Wyld Blu: 2019 Blues Artist of The Year

On April 14, 2019, Wyld Blu was awarded the “2019 Blues Artist of the Year” Thomas Edison Music Award (The Eddies). The band also performed at the gala event and ceremony held at Proctors Theater, NY.

The inaugural Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards, (The Eddies) are co-produced by Capital Records Live!, which was created as a platform to amplify, empower and celebrate professionals working in the area’s wide-ranging music scene.

Over 60 luminaries drawn from the region’s talent pool—including club owners, sound technicians, educators, journalists and performers—judged 38 categories, granting Eddies to winners from a list of over 140 nominees (ranging from soloists and group members to teachers, engineers, deejays, photographers and others). Read More About the Eddies...

Wyld Blu has been making a mark on the Northeastern music scene, capturing audiences attention with an ardent following. From classic blues style to a bigger and bolder sound with rock, country and R&B influences, Wyld’s uncompromising passion as a songwriter, guitarist, and performer is the heart and soul of the music.

Alana Wyld & Wyld Blu serve up their blues with a generous side order of rhythm, heart and soul. The menu is rich, reflecting a variety of influences from classic and Texas blues, rock, boogie, R&B – even a splash of country flavor. From smooth blues grooves to full throttle overdrive, Wyld’s uncompromising passion as a songwriter, musician and performer is the heart of “Wyld style”.

Whether performing solo or with Wyld Blu, be prepared for a magnetic, supercharged show. Extreme musicianship and driving, high-energy performances take traditional blues, boogie and blues-rock in a new direction. Blues-driven guitar power combines with powerful vocals that transition from sweet, melodic and moving to outright grit and grind… A generous helping of fiery, ardent harp and funk-laced driving rhythmic attacks form the uniquely dynamic edge that defines Wyld’s compelling sound and soul.

Visit them and give a listen at WyldBlu.com