Blues in the Libraries

Caherine Brenner Saratoga Library

The Capital Region Blues Network (CRBN) is pleased to announce that, through our member donations and our partnership with the Stewart’s Foundation Holiday Match program, we donated the complete three book series of Tas Cru’s “Bubba the Blues Hound” to the Saratoga Springs Public Library. Additionally, thanks to Tas’s generosity we have also been able to provide the library with the two children’s CDs “Even Bugs Sing the Blues” and “Doggone Blues”.

The “Bubba” series is written for a 5/6th grade level reader. It tells the story of Bubba, a bloodhound with a love of blues, and his adventures with his dog pals Scooter and Sylvia. CRBN is committed to providing literacy and enrichment opportunities to children through blues music.

Catherine Brenner, Head of Youth Services at the library who received the donation stated, “children learn vocabulary often through music, and so having child friendly reading materials that go together with music can enhance a child’s ability to increase literacy and have an enjoyable experience.”